28.11. - 4PM - WS08 Kaci Beeler - 6 Hour Genre Intensive: Vampire High School (Showcase included!)

Get ready to go back to school...with a twist. In this 6-hour genre narrative workshop intensive, you'll work together alongside a group of dedicated improvisers to learn and create a completely improvised play on the spot led by master teaching artist Kaci Beeler. And this is not just any improvised play - but the hilarious, dangerous, and dramatic world of teenage vampires. Being a teen is really tough! You have to deal with nasty bullies, unfair teachers, maintaining your reputation, keeping blood off of your uniform, and perhaps banishing a cursed object or two to the netherworld. Well, if you're at Vampire High, you do. This is no ordinary high school.

This workshop is ideal for improvisers with experience doing scene work or narrative who would like to do a fun, silly, and sexy genre together. Vampire High School lets us play with timeless teen tropes as well as supernatural and horror elements.

Narrative experience is not necessary but some improv experience is. The full 6 hours include breaks and a 30-minute showcase at the end. Enroll today! Space is limited!

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