The business of improv comedy.

We improvise because it brings us joy and provides a creative outlet. Do you seek to turn your passion into a career? Do you want to share that joy and creativity with others by teaching, coaching, or producing? This workshop will help you get started.

Amy built Finest City Improv in San Diego from the ground up and now employs (pre-COVID) 4 staff members and 20 freelance instructors and coaches. FCI has shows four nights per week and enrolls over 40 new students every other month, with hundreds enrolled every term. Amy will provide a checklist of everything you will need to consider to create your brand, secure your venue, attract students and audience members, grow your business, and ensure you love what you do. She will also answer any questions you have about the business side of improv.

Know what you are worth and the ways that you can earn a living with improv so that you can spread joy and creativity to those that want to learn it!

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